Scooter vs. Moped

Difference Between Scooter and Moped

Mopeds are like a crossover of scooters and cycles. There is no reason to be confused between a scooter and a moped. Mopeds are also good mode of conveyance especially for single use. Here is a brief comparison between mopeds and scooters.

  • Mopeds are thinners than scooters and are priced lower than the scooters. Mopeds cost much higher than what a cycle cost you.
  • Mopeds are lighter than scooters and this is why they are easier to handle and use. They are good for teenagers and women.
  • Scooter has smaller wheels and larger fuel tank in comparison to mopeds.
  • The fuel tank of the scooter is under the seat while the fuel tank is just below the handles in moped.
  • Mopeds have paddles which can be used for starting it. Scooter lacks this feature. Most of the scooters have self start feature.
  • Mopeds have a 50 CC engine while engine capacity of scooters begins at around 100 CC.
  • Scooters have a comfortable frame for placing your foot while in case of mopeds you have to sit like you sit on a bike.
  • You pay more for buying a scooter and road tax and registration is also more for them in comparison to mopeds.
  • Mopeds are fuel efficient in comparison to scooters.
  • The maximum speed of moped is not as high as the speed of scooters.

There was a time when mopeds were very popular but now people prefer to buy scooters because they can be used by everyone in the family and a small family of 3 can easily ride on a scooter.


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  • Johndoe

    scooters are mopeds if they have the right motor and speed limitations.