Scotland Yard vs. Metropolitan Police

Difference Between Scotland Yard and Metropolitan Police

Scotland Yard and Metropolitan Police are included in the Police service terminology in the UK and are confused among a lot of people. Some presume Scotland Yard to be the Police force in England. Therefore, here is a clarification to all of them.

Metropolitan Police Service (MPS)

The law and order is maintained in the city of London and Greater London with the help of this police force. The Square Mile in London is the single place out of the influence of MPS. The City of London Police takes care of this place. MPS takes care of the security of the Royal family of UK and senior members of government. It is also responsible for taking counter terrorism measures. It is also known as Met and MP.  Many people confuse MPS to be Scotland Yard which is actually its headquarters.

Scotland Yard

In 1967, the headquarters of MPS were moved down to Broadway Street from Great Scotland Yard but now it’s known as only Scotland Yard. Now it’s an icon of the police force. Mistakenly, many presume it to be a law enforcement agency. The police force in London plays a major role in detecting international crime. Because of this fact, Scotland Yard is very ostensive. It helps a great deal in protecting the Royal family and HM government members and hence works in partnership with a British intelligence.

Criminals such as J. Kray Gang, Dr. Crippen and Jack the Ripper have been investigated on by the members in Scotland Yard. Hence it is the most effective and sincere police force world over.


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