Seabed vs. Land

Difference between Seabed and Land

Though seabed and land are connected to each other and may be the same in the sense that they both provide for the creatures living in their respective area they are different as seabed is the home for sea creatures and land is the home for man, animals and insects.

Seabed is also known as the ocean floor. Very few people get the scope to visit and explore the seabed because it is the bottom of the ocean and because we cannot breathe under the sea, getting there is difficult.

Land is where we live. Land is the part of the planet that is not covered by any forms or bodies of water. Earth is made up of 75 percent water and the other part being land. Man is more familiar with the land and has explored its lengths and breadths well.

Seabed has been home to countless sea creatures, many of whom are not known. Man knows more about land creatures than the water creatures’ knowledge about man. If man wants to he is able to visit and explore the seabed, but seabed creatures can not.


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