Sex vs. Making Love

Difference Between Sex and Making Love

Sex and love making are topics which are not talked about in our society openly.  Sex and love making can be same if sex is happening between two people deeply in love with each other. If we go by definitions then sex is a physical act which is essential for reproduction.  In human beings sex is not only a physical act because it involves emotions of the two people involved in it.

Intercourse with a prostitute and other form of paid sex and the sex which is only for physical pleasure cannot be love making but the same physical activity between two people committed to each other and who are bound to each other with emotions will be called love making.

People who are deeply in love with each other make love as an act of intimacy and enjoy the physical closeness to each other. Sex in this case is taking the relationship to another level. Love making gratifies your soul and satisfies you emotionally as well.



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