Sexual vs. Asexual

Difference Between Sexual and Asexual

Sexual and asexual are two words which are used for describing the presence or absence of sexuality in a person.

Anything that is related to sex and reproduction is called sexual. This would include the sexual orientation of the people and the sexual activities. There are different types of sexual orientations. Some people are heterosexual, some are homosexual and some are bisexual. The word sexual is also related to the way the organisms reproduce. Asexual reproduction is the process of reproduction where male and female reproductive organs are not needed for reproduction and there is no union of sexes. In sexual reproductions male and female sexual organs need to unite and come together to complete the process of reproduction.

The word asexual can be used for describing the lack of sexual interest or the organism which do not have distinctive sex organs but can reproduce. If we talk about lack of sexual desire or interest then it is nothing to with staying away from sex for some reasons. Asexuality is a long term orientation. Asexual reproduction is commonly seen in unicellular microorganisms and they divide and reproduce my processes like budding and binary fission.

Sex is essential for all the multi cellular organisms to reproduce and keep their species alive. Sexual and asexual words are not only about the presence of the desire to have sex in the organism but also with the way they reproduce.

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