Shall vs. Will In English Grammar

Difference Between Shall and Will In English Grammar

Many of us get confused while using shall and will. Both these words are modal auxiliary verbs but they are used for different reasons.

Shall is used for expressing the thought of first person in future tense, for expressing suggestions, requests and offers.

We can understand this by 4 different examples.

  • I shall send the mail tomorrow.
  • Shall I assist you?
  • Shall we go for a date?
  • What shall I do in this situation?

Will is used in expressing predictions, intentions and willingness to do something. It can also be used to talk about the natural behavior or character of things.

For example:

  • Expressing predictions- Will it rain today?
  • Intentions- I will do it for sure.
  • Willingness-I will meet him today.
  • Natural behavior or character of things- Gold will never lose its shine.


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