Sherbet vs. Sorbet

Difference Between Sherbet and Sorbet

Sherbet and Sorbet are two different types of frozen desserts which are often confused to be one.  Many people think that the Arabic word Sherbet is called Sorbet in English while two are different from each other.

Sherbet is a dessert made from milk and is similar to ice cream. Eggs are also added to it to make it more consistent. This frozen drink is served before the main meal and is very common in the elite facilities in Middle East. People may garnish it with rose petals and cherries before they serve it. Sherebet is an Arabic word and refers to non-alcoholic drinks.

Sorbet is prepared by fruit juices and purees. It does not contain any dairy product and is good for calorie conscious people.

Some of the main differences between these two desserts are:

  • Sherbet is a dairy based drink while Sorbet is fruit based.
  • Sherbet is popular in Middle East while sorbet in European countries.
  • Sherbet has high calories content while Sorbet is healthier.
  • Sherbet is served as a sign of hospitality while Sorbet is considered a summer refresher.
  • Sherbet is loved in coffee and chocolate flavors while sorbet is popular in lemon and pomegranate flavors.
  • Sherbet has high calorie content while Sorbet has lower calorie content.

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