Siberian Tigers vs. Bengal Tigers

Difference Between Siberian Tigers and Bengal Tigers

Belonging to the family of cats, these two wild cats are becoming extinct day by day. Measures are being taken to preserve there existence and their habitat.

Siberian tigers (Amur tigers)

Territories extending from 2500 to 4000 square miles, the Siberian tigers are the largest amongst other tiger species. By urinating and scraping the tree barks, they mark their territories which are often guarded by the male.  The male keeps himself secluded from the others in spite of the fact that he allows some of them to surpass.

Bengal tigers

These are the most ordinary species amongst tigers and are spread across India, Burma and Bangladesh. Tropical forests and long grasses are preferred by this species. They manage to hunt by night and have an appetite equal to a week’s meat consumption of a human.

These are found on extremely different climatic conditions. The Russian Birch forest nests Siberian tigers that are used to an extremely cold climate. They are found in China and North Korea also. To balance with the climatic conditions they have long and thick furs and a thick layer of skin consisting of fat that keeps he heat inside its body insulated.

If a Siberian tiger is unable to find a prey due to its shortage, the tiger is able to traverse for a number of days in its search. The Bengal tiger has numerous preys belonging to its food chain that have to be competed for by other tigers. A Bengal tiger purrs like any cat, a characteristic which is not observed in a Siberian one.


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