Simulation vs. Animation

Difference Between Simulation and Animation

Animation and simulation are two great tools for the entertainment industry. Let us find out differences between them.

Simulation refers to creating replicas from the real version. This involves representation of specific behavior or features of a selected abstract or substantial system. It is used in a variety of environments, such as safety engineering, teaching, testing and video games. Simulation is also used in scientific modeling for getting information about their working.

Animation is a process of making an illusionary movement with the use of speedy display of images in 2 and3 dimensional artwork. The outcome of this results in a visual activity or illusion as a result of diligent vision. It can be created and displayed in many ways. Usually, the most popular method used in presentation of animation is by a motion picture or video program motion picture, though there are many other methods.

Simulation Vs Animation

Animation is cartoon version of a scenario or any object which can be fictional or exist in reality whereas simulation is more of a mathematical model and it does not need a picture. It can be completely mathematical.

Even if simulation is done in a cartoon, it is based on mathematical model including every aspect like background motion, human body motion, camera etc. All the movements are assessed with accuracy in simulation while in animation the artists have to just create sequence of any frame.

Animation can be also be used on simulation. Both these play significant role in different industries and are very useful in creating great representations.


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