Sit- ups Vs. Crunches

Difference Between Sit- ups and Crunches
Sit-ups are the traditional abdominal exercise that strengthens the entire front of the diaphragm and other muscles that are also involved. Sit-ups is therefore a very good exercise that builds strength in the muscles that work together.

Sit-ups is performed by lying flat on back on the floor, with hands on stomach, chest or behind head. Exhale and sit up at 90 degrees. Perform the movement by the “curl” together, allowing the spine to roll up the stomach step by step, lifted up from the floor together.

Crunches is an isolated exercise for the stomach. In that there is no movement or strain between the thighs and torso. The legs are usually thrown over a bench or otherwise raised to 90 degrees between extensive backbone and position on the femur.

Crunches are performed on the same horizontal, flat position on the floor, legs as mentioned lifted to 90 degree bend .Breathe out and shrink with the stomach. This is done by lifting / rolling back off the floor and pushing your head upwards and forward towards your knees, which is higher than your head.

Crunches are a good abdominal exercise that can be advantageous to athletes doing a lot of race training, and thus do not need more training with the more load on belly. Crunches can also be regarded as a strain growing training method that comes after a good foundation is laid with traditional sit-ups.

In any exercise program you should always make sure that not only stomach is trained, but also other body parts get their training. It is important to maintain strength and endurance in each and every coordinating muscle groups, so that they work properly.

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