Sketching vs. Drawing

Difference Between Sketching and Drawing

Sketching and drawing are two modes of expressing your thoughts and creativity. The major difference between the two forms is that sketching is done by pencil only and the shades are shown by pencil only  and even an eraser may not be used. It is more of free hand drawing and the pictures created by sketching have very less details. Drawing is done for creating complete pictures and it involves use of colors, paints, pencils etc. The pictures have minute details and clearer than the sketches.

Sketches can be drawn quickly while drawing take time to complete. It is believed that sketches are made with more of a casual attitude while drawings are aimed at creating perfect pictures. We can say that sketches can work as draft for drawings.

Sketches are more about idea than details and an artist can practice his drawing skills by sketching a lot. Most of the times the sketches take even less than 5 minutes to complete while drawing are made slowly and are done in planned manner.


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