Small vs. Little

Difference Between Small and Little

Small and little are two words with similar meaning. Let us see how they differ from each other.

Small is used when we talk about the physical size of any object while little is used for abstract things like emotions, feelings etc.  For example:

  • He has small eyes.
  • The poor little dog was hungry.

At times ‘little’ is also used for talking about small things. For example, the little man. Here we must notice that if little is used to denote the size then there will be an adverb with it. For example, the pretty little girl is playing.

Little is also used to express the fact that there is too less of anything. For example,

  • There is too little water left for us.
  • He has very little information about it.

Another place where you find the use of ‘little’ is in expressing the meaning ‘short’. For example,

  • Just a little while from now we will leave from here.

Now you can use these two words appropriately while speaking and writing.


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