Snake Bites vs. Spider Bites

Difference Between Snake Bites and Spider Bites

There are various types of snakes and spiders whose bites have different effects as it all depends upon the venom. However there are big differences between them.

If we are to define a spider bite or for that matter a snake bite then the most obvious fact is that a bite is an action which involves the injection of venom. There is a huge difference between the quantity of the venom that is injected by a snake and a spider, as a snake injects a lot more venom than a spider in a single bite. The punctures of a snake bite are a bit wider than the spider bite whose bite marks are found on the same side and almost next to each other. The snake bites are found one on each side of the lower lip. While the bites of a black widow spider show two marks which like marks of red fangs, the bite of the brown recluse spider results in the skin getting a red color and then the bite mark turns white. The spider bite is not felt as instantly as the snake bite which has immediate effects. While snake venom often results in death, spider venom cause pain but it does not always cause death every time. It is true that the spiders inject toxin every time they bite however they do not inject them as deep in the skin as it needs to cause death. There are some species of spiders whose bites cause inflammation which in turn get infected with pus.  While it is a fact that every year almost 8000 US people get bitten by snakes, it should be known that a venomous snake can kill a person a non venomous snake bite can lead to only an infection.


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