Society vs. Community

Difference Between Society and Community

Do you find it difficult to understand the differences between society and community then this article is for you to read.

Society refers to larger group of people which includes people from different classes and cultural groups while community is comparatively smaller group and has people sharing similarities in some or the other aspects.

Community lives in a particular locality. You must have seen the use of this word for referring to people from the same religion or even the same profession. For example, the community of doctors, community of immigrants etc. This means that people sharing some important aspect are considered to be in one community.

Community is also used to express a biological group. It is used to talk about the animals which live and plants which grow in a particular climate, region or show similarity in other respects. ‘Society’ on the other hand is generally used when talking about human beings. It also refers to ways and means of living of different groups. Like, high-society, middle class society etc.


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