Sodium vs. Salt

Difference Between Sodium and Salt

A human body needs a lot of chemical substances for its proper functioning. Sodium as well as salt form two of such substances. To many people these two appear to be one and the same. But a person who has the proper knowledge of chemistry knows what the difference between the salt and sodium is?

Sodium, having the chemical symbol of Na, is an element in the periodic table that has all the properties of a metal. As far as the importance for the human body is concerned, Sodium is one of the most important elements required for the proper carrying out of many physiological activities of the body such as transmission of nerve impulse, formation of urine etc. It is one of the important elements that make up salts. Its solubility in water is very high and it is present in very high concentrations in waters of the oceans and the seas in the form of chloride salts. It is also one of the most important elements present in all types of fruits, vegetable, food as well as drinks either in the form of salts of it or in elemental form.

Salt is a compound substance that is it is a substance made of more than one types of simpler substances. In other words, it is the compound which is made up of two or more than two simpler elements that are present in the periodic table. The basic components are either sodium or chlorine. Salt has its own characteristic taste and it is one of the important components that give taste to the food that we eat.

In short sodium can exist freely and separately as well as in combination with other elements/substances. But salt is something that cannot exist without the presence of sodium in it and has the main aim of imparting taste to the food. Sodium on the other hand has the importance of being the important element that is required for the proper carrying out of the Physiological activities of the body. However, excess of sodium affects several organs of the body. So there has to be an adequate amount of it to be present.

In short, for any individual both sodium as well as salt is an important part of the diet, but the two substances should not be regarded as the same.


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