Solicited vs. Unsolicited Proposals

Difference Between Solicited and Unsolicited Proposals

Solicited and unsolicited proposals are both important business proposals that are found in a sales process. In the world of business and sales there are numerous proposals which are going around and almost every one in it is offering a proposal or two. A solicited proposal is a written response to any requirement that have been previously published. Such kinds of requirements are usually found in Request for Proposal, Request for Bid or in a Request for Quote. The requests for proposals shows what does a customer wants in a detailed manner and are issued by customers themselves in times when their requirements are not fulfilled. However an unsolicited proposal is used to advertise or publicize a new product and not used to respond to the needs of any customer. The unsolicited proposals are circulated in brochures, leaflets, fliers etc. These proposals are used to advertise a product so it is the indirect catering of the customers’ requirements. The names are good enough to tell the difference between these two proposals. While an unsolicited proposal is a stepping stone to the sales procedure a solicited proposal is a written answer to a requirement. The unsolicited proposals provide the customers a reason to buy any product. People do not pay any heed to unsolicited proposals because they are like trying to offer help when it is not required. However a solicited proposal is always appreciated by the customers as they are looking for it. Unlike the solicited proposals which are submitted when actually required by the customers the unsolicited proposals are submitted even when they are not required.


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