Soul vs. Spirit

Difference Between Soul and Spirit

There is a lot of confusion when we talk of soul and spirit. They seem swappable in meaning but in reality they are very distinct. Soul is a thing that can transfuse and spread through everything in the universe. Spirit rather belongs and connects to an entity. Spirit can be used as an alternative expression for soul. Soul gives out a positive impression while spirit expresses something wicked. We often use ‘evil spirit’ but we’ve never heard of an ‘evil soul’. So that confirms that soul always depicts a positive and virtuous meaning.

In poetry, to refer to a ghost the word ‘spirit’ is used. We can relate soul to have a philosophical aspect while spirit does not. We have heard of ‘spirits of the graveyard’ but not ‘souls of the graveyard’. We often use the expressions ‘shows the spirit’ and ‘spirited performance’ which depicts a sense of dynamism and power in its usage. This is how spirit is different from soul.

Soul consists of momentum and strength. It is vivacious in its nature. It is immortal and keeps travelling from one body to another. Its existence is not harmed by life experiences. Its realization brings in a lot of stability in life. It is truly godlike and exquisite.


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