Sound vs. Noise

Difference Between Sound and Noise

It is often misunderstood that sound and noise mean the same. But in fact they are very distinct. Sound is formed due to a disturbance caused in the air which produces vibrations that reach our ears. So this sensation that is caused is known as sound.

Noise can be referred to an unlikable or loud sound which is irritating to the ears. Noise is unpleasant but sound is not. Musical instruments create sound that is nice to be heard but noise is sometimes earsplitting. Sound is mostly anticipated by all while noise is not. One would prefer listening to a guitar being played rather than tolerate noise in a classroom.

Sound is pertinent while noise is not. The vibrations created in sound are periodic while those in noise are irregular. Noise was derived from the Latin word ‘nausea’ and sound from the word ‘sonus’.  Sound finds its usage in music, film-making, speech and so on while noise depicts dislike and inapplicability. We can say that sound gives out an optimistic and certain meaning while noise is negative and off-putting.


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