South Indian Food vs. North Indian Food

Difference Between South Indian Food and North Indian Food

Although India displays a composite culture, there are lots of cultural differences in different parts of the country. These differences are easily visible in traditions, festivals and of course the food. There is complete difference between food consumed and this can be somewhat related to the difference in spices and crops grown in the two regions.

While wheat is the main crop grown in North India, rice is the main crop of South India. There are different types of spices grownIndia, coconut is used primarily by South Indians in the preparation of recipes and chutneys to accompany rice. North Indian cuisine external influences, most notably that of the Mughals and Mughlai is today one of North Indian specialties.

North Indians are used to of both vegetarian and non vegetarian food, while South Indians are dependent more on rice, vegetables and seafood being close to seas. The dishes in North India are full of onions, garlic, tomatoes and ginger, which can be taken as the Arabic and Persian influence.

South Indian food is in comparison much healthier and the dishes are full of coconuts because of the abundance of the fruit in that region. They are mostly vegetarian with chicken and mutton rarely consumed even though they readily have seafood.  An additional feature is the use of yogurt in South India.


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