Spay vs. Neuter

Difference Between Spay and Neuter

Spay and Neuter are procedures of removing reproductive organs from the animal bodies. Spaying, on one hand is the removal of reproductive organs of a female animal while neutering is exactly the same process for male animal.

Spaying or  ovariohysterectomy  as per medical terminology, involves removal of specific organs like ovaries and uterus  while in younger female animals only ovaries may be removed when they may be just 6 months old.

Neutering or orchiectomy as per medical terminology is also known as castration or gelding in case of horses. These terms are more about the surgical procedures followed instead of the sex of the animal. The testes of male cat may also be removed at a young age of 6 months.

Both these processes are very useful in maintaining the health of the animals. American Veterinary Medical Association believes that these procedures will not only play an important role in keeping your pets like dogs and cats healthy but also be important in controlling their population.

These terms are different from each other but neutering can be used in both the cases.

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