Speed vs. Velocity

Difference Between Speed and Velocity

Speed ​​and speed are two very important concepts in science and despite being similar; they differ completely from each other. To help remove the confusion, this article will highlight the difference between these two terms and also their properties.

You should be aware of the concepts of displacement and distance to understand the differences between velocity and speed. It is better to revise the difference between distance and displacement. A ball that is dropped in the air and comes down to the same point has travelled some distance but its displacement will be zero because its final and initial point is same.

The same concept applies to the speed and velocity. A scalar quantity that tells how fast an object moves is speed while vector quantity that is indicative of the rate of change of speed is velocity. Therefore while stating the velocity of an object and it is not enough to write as simply Km / h. This is the way to express speed.

Thus, speed = distance / time

Velocity = Displacement / time.

We know that Displacement is the shortest distance between two points and now the speed is less or at best equal to the velocity of the object in motion.


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