Spotting vs. Period

Difference Between Spotting and Period

Spotting and periods are two conditions associated with women. A girl starts getting her periods on the onset of puberty and this starts her reproductive phase. Women need to take special care of their diet, physical and mental health in order to remain fit.

Periods or menstruation is a periodic event that occurs every month. This is common feature in all the mammals and even animals experience it. Periods continue for 3-7 days and involve discharge of blood from the vaginal opening. This flow of blood is nothing but shedding of the uterine wall until a female conceives child.

This phase may be full of anxiety and pain for most of the women. Abdominal cramps are common and some women may have severe headache and back ache as well. There are special painkillers for the pain during this period. The general discomfort can be reduced by maintaining personal hygiene.

Spotting has only one things common with periods and that is the flow of blood from vagina. The quantity of blood is not too much in spotting but it can be a painful experience. Spotting may be caused because of pregnancy, stress, injury, and change in hormonal level and even infection in vagina. Women must consult a gynecologist if they see spotting because it may have serious implications.

Difference between spotting and periods is that Periods are normal event in the life of a female while spotting is a medical condition. Women must be careful about their general health because they may be strong but their internal mechanism is quite delicate.

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