Square Meters vs. Meters Squared

Difference Between Square Meters and Meters Squared

Meter is the SI unit of length and the area of a rectangle or a square is measured in square meter. Square meter is incorrectly spoken as meters squared because both of these are not same. The difference can be easily understood by the given example.

Area = length X breadth. So if we are talking about a square and length is 2 meters then the area of the square will be 4 m2 or 4 square meters. If you say 4 meters squared then it would mean that you are doing the square of the value given in meters. So we will have 42 which will be equal to 4×4 and the answer will become 16 instead of 4 which is the right answer. If you wish to use meters squared then you should say 2 meters squared then your answer will be correct else 4 square meters is the safest answer because you cannot use meters squared in case of a rectangle.


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