Staffing Agency vs. Executive Recruiter Agency

Difference Between Staffing Agency and Executive Recruiter Agency

Now days whenever companies are in need of good and skilled employees they never search themselves for them. They give this job to employment agencies to find the desired kind of employees. Staffing agency and executive recruiter agency are two employment agencies which work to recruit people but both have the different kinds of approach.

Employment agencies are the mediators between the employers and workers. The main aim of these agencies is to fulfill the requirement of companies by giving them skilled workers. Most of the people get confused between the staffing agency and executive recruiter agency, so here are some basic differences between both the agencies.

Staffing agency is an employment agency which works for the companies by providing them skilled workers according to their requirement. These agencies also hire staff for the companies to work on contractual basis as well and such jobs are for limited time period. This agency save lots of time of company otherwise company will take lots of pain and invest time in searching for skilled workers. Agencies have a huge data base of candidates who are looking for a job and they find the appropriate candidates from their database. Staffing agency is famous for their punctuality and for accomplishing the given tasks in a time bound manner.

Executive recruiter agency is also an employment agency and they also work to find skilled worker to companies. Recruiter agency play important role in fixing the salary of the hired workers. They decide the salary according to experience and skill of the candidate.  Role of Executive Recruiter agency is extended and they work to find out the employees for a company by keeping the interest of the company in the mind and they even get candidates from other companies to meet the requirements of their clients.


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