State vs. Government

Difference between State and Government

State is a political community residing within a particular area which is separated with other areas by a political boundary. A state has its culture, language, history, government and a system to run the business of the state

Government it is the functional body which is in the state to govern the population of the state under certain rules, regulation, rights and duties. It is an agency which works for the betterment of the people and fulfills the needs of the people as a governing body.

  • A state can be of many types such as independent state, associated state, federated state and country where as government may be republic, democratic, autocratic, kingdom, oligarchy etc.
  • In a state any kind of government may exist as per the nature of the governance.
  • The state is governed by a governing body and this governing body has some responsibilities and duties for its people and is known as government.

The best way to understand the difference between State and Government is that if you consider the State to be an organization then the government is the management.


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