Stem vs. Trunk

Difference Between Stem and Trunk

The trunk and stem are often confused to denote same meaning but there is a difference between them. One of the main differences is that the trunk of a tree refers to the main structural member of a tree and is also known as bole. It really supports the branches of the tree and is in turn supported by the roots.

It is interesting to note that the trunk of a tree is attached directly to the roots of the tree while stem is one of two main structural axes of a vascular plant. Now it can be said that the word ‘trunk’ is used for a tree while stem is about a plant.

The experts in botany or biology, biotechnology say that trunk is also a stem but it is the main stem of a tree.

Another important difference between the foot and the trunk is that there is no part of the bark on the stem while the trunk of a tree is covered in bark.

Stem is structurally similar to the straw and can be seen just under the real flower of the plant and leaves may be attached to them. The trunk of a tree does not have leaves.


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