Still vs. Till

Difference Between Still and Till

Still and till are two different words and there is no reason to be confused about their meaning and usage.

‘Still’ is used in the sense of ‘even now’ as in the sentence ‘He is still unwell’. This gives only the meaning of ‘He is unwell even now’. ‘Till’ is used in the sense of ‘up to’. For example, I cannot tell you till he allows me to do so. This means that I cannot tell you up to the time he allows me to do so.

Both these words are used effectively as adverbs. For example

Consider the two sentences

1. It is still raining.

2. I cannot go till the driver comes.

In the first sentence still is used in the sense of continues’ or ‘even now’. In the second sentence till is used in the sense of ‘up to the time’ or ‘unless’.

‘Still’ is sometimes used to mean ‘stay as it is’ or ‘without any motion or movement’. For example everyone stood still in front of the principal.

In some cases ‘till’ is preceded by ‘un’ and makes the word ‘until’. On the other hand ‘still’ is rarely used with any prefix to form new words. It is important to understand the use of two adverbs appropriately.


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