Still Water vs. Sparkling Water

Difference Between Still Water And Sparkling Water

Still water is plain water. It has no added carbon dioxide like the sparkling water. On the other hand sparkling water is characterized by bubbles which are due to the presense of carbon dioxide in it. Natural mineral water is commonly called still or plain water because there is no carbon dioxide added in it. However, sometime mineral water has the presense of carbon gas because it is bottled at the source without treatment. Actually, all natural mineral waters produce bubbles when they have a certain percentage of free carbon dioxide.

Sparkling mineral water is added with carbon dioxide (CO2). It does not make you fat as many think, because it contains no calories. Carbonated water increases the sensation of bloating, but it is a momentary phase. It numbs the nerve endings of the oral mucosa. So, we feel more than natural quench. Carbon dioxide permits no bacteriostatic activities. Therefore, the sparkling water can be kept for a longer time. It also help digestion because bubbles stimulate the secretion of gastric juces.

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