Strawberry vs. Raspberry

Difference Between Strawberry And Raspberry


Strawberries are low-growing perennial plants, genus Fragaria of the rose family, Rosaceae, which might be cultivated for their juicy purple fruits. Two native American species, F. chiloensis and F. virginiana, had been launched into Europe, and their hybridization produced the numerous modern varieties of huge, cultivated strawberries. Strawberries are now grown in virtually each part of the temperate world, and new varieties have been developed to satisfy differing geographical and climatic conditions. The strawberry is sort of at all times propagated by chopping off and replanting the various lengthy runners produced by the plant.


Raspberry, any of a number of species of the genus Rubus. The plants, members of the family Rosaceae, are widely cultivated for their berries, which are eaten raw or used in pies, jellies, and jams. The berries actually are aggregates of drupelets that separate freely from their receptacle when ripe, unlike the aggregate fruit of other members of the genus, such as the blackberry. They are rich in vitamin C.

While the plants are perennial, they are biennial in growth habit. Shoots that develop in the spring bear the next season’s crop. Arising from belowground parts of the shrubs, the shoots overwinter, fruit in the following season, and then die. The canes are generally erect and prickly.

Raspberries are native to most temperate parts of the world. The modern cultivated raspberry has been developed since the 16th century from species native to Eurasia and North America.



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