Success vs. Happiness

Difference between Success and Happiness

Most of us think that success and happiness are next door neighbors, though not same yet so close. Most of people relate that when one achieves success after realizing a goal or target, happiness ensues. Success and happiness both equate each other and are complexly intertwined. However, there have been contradictory examples of people achieving success but are devoid of any kind of emotions and happiness and people who are termed as losers yet are basking in happiness. So, let’s explore the difference between the two highly coveted attributes of life.

Success attributes to some moments of life where some people actually feel joy and internal bliss. Some people unwaveringly carry on with their journey to complete their journey, achieve success and secretly wishing to meet happiness when the journey ends. One thing that needs to be understood here is that happiness has nothing to do with materialistic pleasure of success or drastic doom of failures. It is an internal feeling that comes from deep inside. You may be a corporate honcho and deal-breaker of worth a millions but nothing could outdo the happiness when you spend some time with your family, play with your toddler or watch a movie with your wife.

It is not that you should not try for success, in some terms, if you are living only for your goals and working hard, you will feel the joy of accomplishment and achievement. However, that would be strictly in the parameters of being ‘joy’ and not happiness. Joy felt after certain achievement is ephemeral. You feel good because egos get pampered and you get praised but the real happiness is more of an inherent and inner thing. It is purely personal. It happens when you are just you. You do not compete with others or try to emulate. You just want to be you and overcome your weaknesses.

Success can only bring materialistic happiness. You can buy cars, shop till you drop and so forth. However, to be happy, you neither need success nor money. There are still some stuffs which cannot be bought or trade for, happiness is one such thing.