Summary vs. Conclusion

Difference Between Summary and Conclusion

The summary and conclusion are two terms that are used in the essay writing and thesis writing, respectively, with the difference. Summary is short form of an essay which has the prominent points of an essay. On the other hand conclusion has key points of research findings in a thesis. This is the main difference between a summary and conclusion.

You can write a summary on any given chapter of a book of non-fiction. It should contain key points or characteristics of that particular chapter of the book. Similarly a summary of any particular scene of an act of a play by Shakespeare or other playwright should contain the key points of different events of that particular scene of the particular act of the particular play.

On the other hand a conclusion should include the intention of the research in a shell. It should contain short paragraphs and be concise. It should be noted that paragraphs should not be too lengthy. On the other hand, there can be very long paragraphs in a summary. This is one of the main differences between the summary and conclusion.

You can summarize the characteristics of a particular game or a novel too. In such cases the character of a character says that ‘the character of Shylock’ in play ‘The Merchant of Venice’ can be summarized by emphasizing the events in the life of Shylock and also a character in detail. It is interesting to note that a summary can be detailed but should be a conclusion has to be precise and short. This is the main difference between the summary and conclusion. Both the summary and conclusion require skill in writing. Any thesis also shines based on its conclusion at the end.


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