Syllabus vs. Curriculum

Difference Between Syllabus and Curriculum

Syllabus and Curriculum are two different words that are different in meanings. Syllabus is the program or outline of a study. The curriculum is further a word that is referring to subjects that are studied in a school or college. This is the main difference between the program and the curriculum. This means that the syllabus is a segment of study required for a subject or course.

As a matter syllabus is approved once in a year and the specific syllabus that is given for the year should be done completely, both by the teacher and the student within the year. Exams are conducted on the basis of the syllabus and after passing thee final exams the students have to follow a new syllabus in the coming year.

A curriculum on the other hand refers to the entire period of study at a college or school. For example, the curriculum of a course of study for instance B. Sc Chemistry includes all subjects, including the allied subjects to be studied as part of the entire course of study. Now we can say that the syllabus is a subset of the curriculum. In other words we can say that the syllabus is contained in the curriculum. A curriculum is accomplished when the syllabus is complete. It is the difference between the syllabus and the curriculum.


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