Kerala vs. Tamilnadu

Difference between Kerala and Tamilnadu The states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu are situated in the Deccan Plateau region in the southern part of the country. Kerala is located in the South-western part of the country while Tamil Nadu is lies in the Southern most part of the India. Despite the fact that both these states […]

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Ghanvati vs. Tablet in Ayurveda

Difference Between Ghanvati and Tablet in Ayurveda Ghanvati, a medicinal concoction in Ayurveda, is often available in the size of small peas. However, the Ayurvedic tablet is similar to an allopathic medicine tablet both in size and shape. The Tulsi is one good example for ghanvati. The Tulsi leaves, well-known in India for its medicinal […]

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