Tumor vs. Cancer

Difference between Tumor and Cancer Cell division is an important part of human physiology. There are millions of cells in human body. Usually, a cell is produced by cell division. ┬áThe process will happen only when there is any need required. The whole process is highly regulated. The tumor happens when there is an abnormal […]

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Tumour vs. Cancer

Difference between tumour and cancer There are millions of blood cells in a human body which perform different functions as per their specialization. Muscle cells contract and expand, nerve cells transmit the impulses during times of emergency, Red Blood Cells carry oxygen in vertebrate organisms, WBC defend the body from infections, Skin can cover the […]

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Bone Cancer vs. Leukemia

What is the difference between bone cancer and leukemia? There are many different forms of bone cancer, such as osteo sarcoma, chondro sarcoma and fibro sarcoma. These cancers refer to malignant tumors that develop in and on the bones. If the cancer arises directly from the bone, it is said to be a primary malignancy. […]

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