Chemo vs. Radiation

The difference between chemo and radiation People suffering from cancer receive one of two types of treatment – chemo or radiation. Depending on the specific type of cancer they have been diagnosed with, it is possible that they will receive both kinds of treatment. Chemo, which is the shortened form of chemotherapy, is the treatment […]

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Chemotherapy vs. Radiotherapy

The difference between chemotherapy and radiotherapy Both chemotherapy and radiotherapy are two commonly used treatments for cancer. They are better known as chemo and radiation. They do cure cancer in some cases or reduce the tumors so that patients can live longer, there are differences between them in the method of administration, how they affect […]

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The Difference Between Abraxane and Taxol

Abraxane vs Taxol Both Taxol and Abarxine are drugs that are used in chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer. Taxol has been used for quite some time, but Abraxane is a relatively new drug that is essentially a modification of an existing drug through different manufacturing processes. Both of these drugs have proven to be effective, […]

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