Flu vs. H1N1

Difference Between Flu and H1N1   As we strive for survival, it is inevitable, especially for people trying to feel the sense of urbanization to acquire diseases, which at first glance seem to be results of daily physical exhaustion thus sometimes regarded less and taken to the least consideration. It is important for us to be […]

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Cold vs. Flu

What is the difference between a cold and the flu? The symptoms of a cold and the flu are so similar that many people confuse them. The flu is a more serious condition and because of the similarities in symptoms it is often left untreated because people think they have nothing more than a cold. […]

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Swine Flu vs. Ordinary Flu

The differences between Swine flu and Ordinary flu The year 2009 brought new fear to the world that made people masked their faces because of fear. From China to Brazil, Northern continent to the Eastern corner of the globe dreaded it. Better known as Swine flu, the time had seen people go crazy over even […]

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