Fairies vs. Pixies

What is the difference between fairies and pixies? Two types of fictional characters that are found in children’s stories, folk tales, cartoons and comics are fairies and pixies. Children identify with these lovable characters and very quickly have a preference for a specific one. While fairies and pixies are two different types of creatures, there […]

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Legend vs. Myth

Difference between legend and myth The main objective of this article is to dig and delve into the dissimilarities between the legend and myth. In practically all the cultures of the world, there are tales replete with bright and colorful creatures and characters that originate from the enchanted ancient times.  These narratives totally go against […]

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Vampires vs. Zombies

Difference between vampires and zombies The two terms vampires and zombies are deadly different. Jokes apart, both –vampires and zombies rise back from death, yet the route opted to gain existence is different. A part of Slavic mythology, vampires are evil in nature. Sucking blood from the living creatures, these are conscious of the every […]

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