Group vs. Team

Difference between group and team The terms, Group and Team although could be used for each other on an interchangeable basis. Yet both these two terms are not synonymous to each other in any case. Even though, phonetically these terms may sound to be similar, yet there are a lot of variations between these two […]

Aims vs. Objectives – The Difference Between

The difference between aims and objectives Aims and objectives refer to targets and goals, but they are different, especially in terms of time. Objectives have a specific length of time in which they need to be achieved, but aims do not have any time limits placed on them. Every program has a target that it […]

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Action Plan vs. Strategy – The Difference Between

How is an action plan different from a strategy? Action plan and strategy are often thought to go hand in hand with each other and that you cannot have one without the other. Such is not the case because they mean two completely different things. It is possible to have a plan of action and […]

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