Varanasi vs. Haridwar

Difference between Indian Cities Varanasi and Haridwar Varanasi and Haridwar are Indian’s leading tourism destination among all the cities in India. Both cities are among India’s most auspicious destinations due to their location; on the banks of holy river Ganges with Haridwar being only 200 kilometers north east of New Delhi while Varanasi is located […]

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West Bengal vs. Gujarat

Difference Between West Bengal and Gujarat The recent remarks of Singh Manmonah, the Prime Minister of West Bengal’s state affairs, and L.K. Advani, a senior BJP leader turned the people’s attention on West Bengal. According to Advani, West Bengal can be compared to Gujarat, stating that while West Bengal still suffers from its 34-year Marxist […]

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Punjabi vs. Gujarati

Difference Between Punjabi and Gujarati Punjabi and Gujarati are as different as a New Yorker is different from a Texan. Punjab is a northern state in India, while Gujarat is located west of India. People from Punjab are identified as Punjabi’s and those from Gujarat as Gujarati’s. Both states contribute greatly to India’s economy and […]

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Indian RAW vs. Pakistan ISI

Difference Between Indian RAW vs Pakistan ISI Government Intelligence is a cerebral approach to warfare and Military Tactics. This is an agency specially designed to gather information discreetly on enemy factions or countries and has since inspired movies on espionage like James Bond. Information gathered may then enable the concerned government or political group to […]

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India vs. England

Difference between India and England The world is divided into & large continents, which are further sub – divided into several countries. England and India are two such countries in the continents of Europe and Asia. Irrespective of the fact that India and England have a lot of things to share as far as their […]

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India vs. Japan

Difference between India and Japan Japan Japan is located to the extreme east of Asia. Japan is a chain of islands. The government of Japan is unitary parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy. The economy of Japan is based on production of electronics, machine tools, steel, ships, chemical substances and motor vehicles. It is also famous for […]

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VHP vs. BJP of India

Difference between VHP and BJP of India VHP stands for Vishwa Hindu Parishad or World Hindu Council. It is a non-political group of Hindu conformists. Formed in 1964, the aim to create VHP was to strengthen the position of Hindus in India and provide them with strong platform to come forward and progress. BJP, on […]

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Chennai vs. Bangalore

Difference between Chennai and Bangalore Two major cities in India are Chennai and Bangladore. The only thing that they have in common is that they are both capital cities of the regions in which they are located. About Chennai Chennai is the capital city of the state of Tamilnadu. It ranks among the Global cities […]

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Kerala vs. Goa

Difference between Kerala and Goa in India Kerala is an Indian state located in its south-western part. It absorbs about 15,005 sq. miles of total land area. Goa is the smallest state positioned in the south-western part of India that occupies about 1429 sq. miles of total land area. Goa is the fourth smallest state […]

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Bollywood vs. Hollywood

What is the difference between Bollywood and Hollywood? Everyone is well aware of Hollywood as a location in California that is synonymous with the movie industry. Bollywood is not a word that is used very much outside of India, where both words are used a lot. Bollywood refers to the Indian movie industry and is […]

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