Bangalore vs. Hyderabad

The difference between Bangalore and Hyderabad Bangalore and Hyderabad are two important cities in India. Both are industrialized and home to millions of people, but there are many differences between the two cities. About Bangalore Bangalore is located in the Indian state of Karnataka and is the capital city of the region. It has the […]

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Ashtanga Yoga vs. Hatha Yoga – The Difference Between

How Ashtanga Yoga and Hatha Yoga are different The main difference between Ashtanga Toga and Hatha Yoga are the elements on which they focus. Ashtanga Yoga is more concerned with balancing breathing and posture. Hatha Yoga is more concerned with meditation and increasing the body’s physical strength. There are many cultural influences in Yoga, especially […]

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Andhra vs. Telangana in India – The Difference Between

How are Andhra and Telegana in India different? Andhra and Telegana are the names of two of the major areas of the fifth largest state in India – Andhra Pradesh. It is not the largest in size, but it certainly is the largest in terms of the population of the area. The main difference in […]

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Air India vs. Indian Airlines – The Difference Between

How Air India and Indian Airlines differ from each other The two national airlines of India are Air India and Indian Airlines. They differ primarily in the type of service they offer, but there are other differences that may not be as apparent to the passengers. About Indian Airlines The head office of Indian Airlines […]

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Indiana Jones vs. Lara Croft

People can never get enough of the adventures of life as depicted in films. Perhaps it is because of the rush of excitement from every move of the hero or perhaps it is because of their envy or desire of such escapades. Whatever it is, there are two characters that surely top their list when […]

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IAS vs. IPS – Why IAS and IPS are Two Special Careers in India

In India, there are two careers that boys and girls aspire to because they are highly regarded in the culture of the country. They have the acronyms of IAS and IPS. IAS refers to Indian Administrative Services and IPS refers to Indian Police Service. In order to work in one of the government departments in […]

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How are Ghee and Butter Different?

Two of the most commonly used milk products in the homes of Asia for cooking are ghee and butter. Ghee is a variant of butter that is very popular in such countries as Bangladesh, Pakistan and India. Although you may not be familiar with the term “ghee” you may be familiar with such terms as […]

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Difference between Bikram Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga and Hatha Yoga

Yoga is traditionally a way to meditate and to reach a higher level of physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual tranquility. Yoga used to be practiced only by Hindu or Buddhist monks as a sacred form of meditation. Throughout the years, however, the secrets of Yoga have been passed on and it has evolved into being […]

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