India vs. Japan

Difference between India and Japan Japan Japan is located to the extreme east of Asia. Japan is a chain of islands. The government of Japan is unitary parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy. The economy of Japan is based on production of electronics, machine tools, steel, ships, chemical substances and motor vehicles. It is also famous for […]

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Samurai vs. Ninja

Difference between a Samurai and a Ninja Samurai and Ninja are two fascinating characters from Japanese culture who have added glory to it. You can find enough animation films and stories on these two characters. Although both were warriors but there are lot of differences between them. To help you in understanding the differences between […]

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Thailand Tsunami 2004 and Japan Tsunami 2011 – What are the Differences and Similarities

Two of the deadliest tsunamis in history occurred in the 21st century – in Indonesia in 2004 and in Japan in 2011. Thousands of people lost their lives and many more have been left homeless and destitute. 2004 Tsunami The tsunami that occurred on December 26, 2004 was named the “2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and […]

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