CDMA vs. LTE Network Technology

What is the difference between CDMA and LTE Network technologies? CDMA stands for Code Division Multiple Access and LTE stands for Long Term Evolution. There is a difference between the two because CDMA is technology designed for multiple access and LTE is the technology for the next generation in cell phone communication known as 4G. […]

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Australian NBN vs. NBN Co Ltd. – The Difference Between

The difference between Australian NBN and NBN Co. Ltd. NBN is an acronym for National Broadband Network, which is an initiative of the Australian government to bring wireless services to all the people of the country. This is a new network that is wholesale only and will have open access to a high speed broadband […]

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3G vs. 4G – The Difference Between

How 3G differs from 4G Two of the most widely used technologies for mobile wireless access are 3G and 4G. While 3G is the norm nowadays, 4G is the technology of the future and is currently being used in larger centers throughout Europe and North America. About 3G 3G stands for Third Generation Networks. It […]

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3G vs. 4G Network Technology – The Difference Between

How 3G and 4G network technologies differ 3G and 4G are the names given to two types of communication technology, but they each have a different set of standards and benchmarks. These standards have been developed through the collaboration of telecom associations from all countries of the world. 3G has been instrumental in the evolution […]

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3G vs. 4G in Australia – The Difference Between

Difference between 3G and 4G in Australia 3G and 4G are both terms that refer to wireless communication networks. 3G is currently used all over the world and 4G is still being rolled out because it is in the development and testing stage. Only a few larger centers in Europe and North America have access […]

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4G vs. Wifi – The Difference Between 4G and Wifi

If you are confused about the difference between Wifi and 4G, then you are not alone. These are terms that everyone uses on a daily basis but very few understand what they actually mean and the similarities and differences between them. Both are the names given to wireless technologies, but each one has its own […]

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