Software vs. Hardware

Difference Between Software and Hardware   Computer Hardware comprises the physical form and parts of a computer that actually perform the data processing. These include the memory disks, peripheral devices and central processing unit. Software on the other hand is the set of instructions and codes that control all functions of the hardware, direct operations and […]

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Difference Between ERP and CRM Knowing the difference between ERP and CRM ERP and CRM are two types of software that serve different purposes in an organization but they are equally important. By using either of these, the employees of an organization can share information so that they can work together to coordinate the activities. Executives […]

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Hardware vs. Software

Difference between Hardware and Software It was during the late seventies when IBM India, a global computer giant in the world of computers made a graceful exit from India under the BJP regime. The exit of IBM from the country which turned out to be a big blow to the installed base of Unit Record […]