Cocaine vs. Caffeine

Difference between cocaine and caffeine Cocaine and Caffeine are substances that are essentially stimulants in nature. These two substances vary in their production, distribution and consumption. Stimulants generally stimulate our nervous system thereby bringing in a sense of alertness and greatly increase both our mental and physical capabilities and bring about a sense of feeling […]

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Cocaine vs. Caffeine

What is the difference between cocaine and caffeine? Both caffeine and cocaine are stimulants that affect the nervous system. They make you feel more alert and improve your physical and mental capabilities. They do make you feel good, but the difference with cocaine is that it makes you feel too good. They are different in […]

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Cocaine vs. Heroin

What is the difference between cocaine and heroin? Two of the most addictive illegal drugs are cocaine and heroin. The production, possession and distribution of these drugs are illegal all over the world. Both come from plants, but the plants are different for each drug. What is cocaine? Cocaine is extracted from the leaves of […]