H1 Vs. L1 Visa

H1 and L1 Visa Certain instances occur wherein businesses operating in the US would have to bring in certain people from other countries in order to aid in their procedures or to help solve problems. For such occasions, one may use either an H1 or L1 visa. Knowing the actual purpose of each and their […]

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Immigration vs. Migration

Difference Between Immigration and Migration Immigration and Migration are two very different words because of their usage. Immigration Immigration is derived from the Latin word ‘immigrare’ which means ‘to go into’ and it indicates the movement of people to a country. There is permanent movement in the case of immigration. An immigrant is a person […]

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Charge Card vs. Credit Card

What is the difference between a charge card and a credit card? There are so many similarities between a charge card and a credit card that many people refer to them as being the same thing. However there are differences between the two that you should be aware of. When you have a credit card […]

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Visa vs. Permit

Difference between a visa and a permit When you are travelling outside your country (country of which you have a passport), a visa and permit are something you need to familiar of. In countries such as Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia visa and permit are similar in nature. United States of America has […]

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