Vision vs. Mission

Difference Between Vision and Mission When it comes to the meaning and connotation of vision and mission, even most of the corporate honchos would be unable to spot the difference. These two terms reflect the value of an organization and goals in the years to come. The actions performed by an organization through different methods and […]

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Action Plan vs. Strategy – The Difference Between

How is an action plan different from a strategy? Action plan and strategy are often thought to go hand in hand with each other and that you cannot have one without the other. Such is not the case because they mean two completely different things. It is possible to have a plan of action and […]

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A Vision a Dream or a Goal – How are they Different?

Visions, dreams and goals aren’t limited by specific definitions.  You may regard a vision as a shared idea by a team, a community or even a nation that’s looking ahead to a promising and hopeful future.  A vision doesn’t depend on the current situation. Instead, it’s a set of objectives or a series of ideas […]

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