Difference between Ubuntu and Debian

Ubuntu vs. Debian A lot of Linux distributions are popular among people who want to use a free operating system. Debian is such an oldest distribution of Linux and has been in existence for more than two decades. Debian had some shortcomings such as slow cycles of developments.  After Debian, Ubuntu came into existence in […]

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Ubuntu vs. Debian

Difference between Ubuntu and Debian Debian is the oldest distributions of Linux which sustained in the IT industry for about two decades. Linux distribution is mostly used by the people who want to use free operating system. Various distributions came into existence after Debian which includes Ubuntu. Ubuntu got separated at 2004 from Debian. The […]

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MAC vs. PC

The Difference Between Mac and PC There are lots of distinction between a PC that runs on any of the windows version and a mac computer that runs on a Mac operating system. There has been a considerable debate between which computers are superior, but the conclusion would come from the personal preferences of the […]

System Software vs. Application Software

The difference between System Software and Application Software Computer programs -system software and application software differ in the properties and capabilities they serve on the computer they are installed.  The system software consists of configuration files, system services and preferences, libraries of function and hardware drivers installed on the computer. Even the OS or Operating […]

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