Taliban vs. Al-Qaeda

The difference between Taliban and Al-Qaeda

The Taliban and the Al-Qaeda- these two names are enough to startle many of us. Inviting fear, disgust, sorrows and shocks, Al-Qaeda and Taliban are terrorist organizations and Islamic in origin. Taliban in Arabic means student and the members follow Mullah Mohammed Omar. Known for their barbaric treatment in Afghanistan and depriving the citizens from even their basic rights, the Taliban follows the rules and laws of “Shariah”. Until 2001, the citizens of Afghanistan had to bear the brunt of Taliban.

Taliban is formed of people who were in Pakistan during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Raised in refugee camps or some religious school, the Taliban was formed with a prime motive to avenge the rape of boys and girls of a family which was traveling to Afghanistan. There and then, lays the foundation of the political origin of this terrorist institution as well.

It was in 1996 when Taliban came into existence however, Al Qaeda’s broaden perspective to spread Islamic leadership to the world got strong foothold after Osama bin Laden took over. Al Qaeda translates into base in Arabic. This terrorist organization aims to dictate the world by Islamic leadership in the coming times. The Al-Qaeda was originally started with the radical thinking that there should be one and only Islamic leadership throughout the world. This organization consists of most stringent followers of Islam. Going global, the name dawned on people and pushed Laden into blinding limelight, when the terrorist attacked on World Twin Towers of United States.  There are Sunni people who follow Wahabiism as their followers whereas Taliban is only limited to geographical borders of Afghanistan.

It is both sad and true that both Taliban and Al Qaeda are powerful and feared of but the worst part is their portrayal of Islam paints the wrong picture of a great religion in the mind of others.


  • Johndoe

    See who is terrorist, 
    http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10150680094474535  I am not justifying these two characters but this site should also mentioned that what USA and NATO is doing with Muslims. If we count the innocent deaths Muslims killed by USA and NATO forces in Muslim’s countries then all will agree and conclude that who is terrorist and who is not.