Task vs. Activity

Difference Between Task and Activity

The task and activity are two words that are often confused because of the similarity shown in their usage and the sense that they make. The word ‘task’ refers a work which is to be done while the word ‘activity’ refers to something which is happening or an event.

Look at the two sentences:

1. There are many activities going on in the club.

2. There is no activity in the college.

In both sentences you can see that the word ‘activity’ is used to mean ‘Event’ or something that is taking place or occurring.  In the first sentence you can say that there are many events which are taking place in the club and in the second sentence ‘activity’ is used in the sense of ‘event’. You can say that there is no event taking place in the college.

The word ‘task’ means to demand on the authority of an individual. For example, he gave him a task to accomplish before sunset’. In this sentence you get the idea that the person has given a kind of work to do to someone before dusk. It is the power to ask the person to perform the work.

On the other hand the word ‘activity’ means ‘the condition of being active or Moving’. It involves the effort of energy and exhausting action. It is interesting to note that whenever the word ‘activity’ is used in its plural form, it refers to an occupation or hobby as in the phrase ‘the outdoor activities’. A task is intended to complete while an activity refers to movement. This is an important difference between the two words. It is interesting to note that both words are used as mainly used as nouns.


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