Technician vs. Technologist

Difference between Technician and Technologist

Technician and Technologist are two terms that revolve around new and existing technology. Though, both of these two are interrelated and interdependent. Without one, the other cannot exist. The only difference is in their role and the level of knowledge these two needs to perform their function in the field.

A Technician only has minimal understanding of a technology and troubleshooting. He works for a technologist. They need the guidance of a technologist to perform their function well and skillfully. They could be just a certificate or diploma holder requiring only two years of study. Technicians, in some countries, are also referred to as associates/skilled Workers.

Technologists are more skillful and proficient. They have at least an engineering degree of four to five years course. Their study is more extensive, in-depth, vast and wide. They develop, and enhance the realms of existing technology.   Most of the Technologists work in laboratories or research facilities to design or innovate and create new technologies to improve the lifestyle of people.

The technologists design and create a fresh technology whereas on the other hand, the technicians work for them and help them realize their ideas.  Technologists are sort of general in the field of battle whereas technicians are army persons trained to understand and implement the order of their general. The skills of technologists more on intellect level whereas technicians work practically on applications. Technologists design an idea, do the jargon, and complete the work under their aegis. To ensure the advancement in the technology, both of them are equally important. Their work and functions are intertwined with each other. The technologists create plan and technicians do the manual labor to complete the project.  This intellectual level and manual labor complement each other to maintain the superior technology.  Both of them work hand in hand to ensure that the commoners get the best of technology to ease their lifestyles.